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Explaw is a leading Employment Law, HR, Health and Safety and business consulting firm which is designed to meet the ongoing needs of all corporate types from start-ups to small to medium sized enterprises, from charities to not for profit organisations.

We provide professional support services which organisations often see as necessary in their day to day operations but are secondary or incidental to the main aim of the business i.e. in-house activities or functions which can be seen as a distraction or headache.

Our people are professionally qualified business individuals, including Barristers, Lawyers and Management Consultants who have worked with large corporate as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Their professional training allied to their commercial experience ensures quality and pragmatic advice to benefit all sizes of business.

Employment & HR support

The main benefit Explaw provides is an all-inclusive package – there are no hidden extras to pay if you use the service frequently or want representation at meetings with you and your employees.

Explaw’s HR consultants specialise in handling particularly difficult cases and provide pragmatic approaches to give you the skill and confidence to deal with the management of employment issues effectively.

Health & Safety support

Explaw’s highly qualified and experienced Consultants take the risk and confusion out of Health & Safety compliance. They ensure you keep up-to-date on the latest legislation to give you peace of mind that all potential situations have been pre-empted to avoid damage to your business, finances and reputation.

As Explaw’s consultants come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, they are able to help you to proactively and sensibly manage the health and safety aspects of your business, taking away the stress and worry that you may have missed something important.

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